Parks & Recreation

Fishing, Boating, Hiking And More!
lifestyle3The West Suburban area has many natural features that most believe are found only in other parts of the state or elsewhere in New England. The Charles River offers a great deal to the city of Waltham. Visitors can take a walk, ride a bike or roller-blade along the river-walk, take a boat tour, or fish. It has been said that the largest pike on record was caught in the Charles River in Waltham. The area holds beautiful ski areas and cross country trails for those that like it cold and golf areas for those that like it warm. Trails and paths are scattered throughout the region for recreation. To learn more about the area’s wealth of recreational opportunities, visit the Waltham Tourism Website.

Licenses/Permits Fishing & Hunting
Licenses are required for anyone 15 or older to fish in any inland waters in Massachusetts.

Hunting also requires a license. Licenses are issued by city and town clerks or by the Mass Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
(617) 626.1591

Recreational Vehicles & Boats
All boats with motors and recreational vehicles, such as snowmobiles and trailbikes, must be registered with the Mass Division of Law Enforcement.
(617) 727.3200

Gun Permits
Firearm permits, including Firearms ID, licenses to carry and licenses to purchase, are issued by local police departments. For detailed information on firearms regulations, contact your local police department or the Mass Department of Public Safety.
(617) 727.3200