Set against a backdrop of forest and farmland, the Waltham area is a colorful patchwork of cities, small towns, modern residential communities, 19th century neighborhoods, historical and industrial landmarks. The region includes some of the Boston area’s most established communities, one of its earliest industrial centers, and the latest in high-tech industrial development. As the nation’s seventh largest metropolitan area, Waltham is an economic, political, and cultural center for Massachusetts as well as New England.

The area consists of winding country roads and modern expressways that connect the Waltham West Suburban region to Greater Boston. Waltham, the main urban center, is nine miles west of Boston. It is a historical repository of America’s industrial revolution, a vital community with a rich ethnic heritage, and one of the nation’s highest concentrations of electronic and space technology industries. Weston, three miles to the west, is a quiet community of tree-lined streets and comfortable homes that began to attract wealthy Bostonians early in its history. Just north of Weston is Lincoln, a rural town that thrives in its natural setting and country charm.