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The Waltham Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit independent organization of businesses and professionals dedicated to promoting sound economic growth and opportunity for its membership and a strong quality of life for the community through leadership, education, information, and advocacy.

Investing in the Chamber assures that local businesses of various sizes remain viable in today’s economy:

For entrepreneurs, startups and smaller businesses, the Chamber can provide the essential information, contacts and referrals needed to create a solid business base. “How-to” sessions are offered by local business experts, networking events are held to help generate visibility and sales leads, and a host of social, civic and community programs are offered that appeal to the needs and broad interests of business owners, managers and employees.

For larger business concerns, the Chamber is a proven resource for access to other business owners, civic leasers, the local media, and legislators on a regional and statewide level. When issues arise that may have an impact on individuals, companies, or the business community as a whole, the Chamber can provide answers and informaiton to assist in decision making.

For non-profit organizations, the Chamber sponsors educational and informational sessions designed to enhance the effectiveness of these groups, and their ongoing operations. The Non-Profit Council, with over 60 chamber members, is an organization that meets regularly to address prevailing issues and interface with the community and for-profit organizations..

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